New Year 2019: Bring SEO To Your Website

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Jan 25, 2019

Let’s face reality — in 2019, SEO is not a “nice-to-have” for your business, it’s an absolute necessity. There are so many websites that do not implement SEO strategies or just do not yet understand the importance of it. Some business owners believe SEO is too expensive or requires an in-house expert.  SEO can seem a bit daunting without the proper team, but it’s one of the best digital marketing strategies you can roll out to the market.

SEO puts your in front of your customers.

Traditional marketing just doesn’t perform like it used to. Today, people tune out the white noise of commercials on TV or radio, ignore billboards and throw out mass mailings. So how does a consumer find their product? How do you? The answer is most often Google.

Let’s walk through a scenario – you need to buy a new coffee machine.  You can go to each brick and mortar store and look around, but more often than not you would grab your phone and Google coffee makers.  91% of online users use a search engine to gather information before a purchase.  93% of those users never go past the first page.

It’s your responsibility as a business to get your product and services in front of your customers, and they’re looking for you online.

SEO is more cost-effective than PPC, but pairs well

Digital marketing budgets are neglected due to the misconception it’s not yet a widely used platform for finding products or services, but that misconception is not held by consumers – it is held by business owners.  A website without digital marketing is a billboard in your backyard, no one will see it.  And billboards cost thousands a month in sign space alone, not including design of the board!  If budget is a concern, nix the traditional marketing formats and save some paper in your wallet and the landfills.  Pay Per Click and SEO marketing cost a few dollars, but make more in return.

As said in the beginning, many business owners are put off by the price of ongoing SEO services.  Initially it can cost more than pay per click marketing, but PPC is a set budget monthly that only bears return in the moment.  SEO provides long-term and permanent benefit as long as it is kept up.  PPC is pay to play where SEO puts you in the first results consistently.

It’s fair to assert PPC is a great addition to SEO for short-term product promotions and event announcements, etc.  A great marketing strategy tends to include both.

SEO helps build Brand Awareness

Companies like Apple and Google may not need to campaign for their name while consumers search online, but for the rest of us we would be remiss to assume that convenience.  In actuality, consumers search for products related to the business and omit the brand name from their search.  How do you appear online for your products without your name being searched in the same phrase?

SEO is the answer again.  Even if you are not immediately clicked on as a search result, consumers make mental notes of those that appear in search result listings.  The higher up on the page you are, the more likely you are to be noticed.  Higher rankings are even inherently associated with more credibility as a company and relevant search result – to consumers and to search engines that rank you as a higher result the more engagement you get from visitors.

If you appear in a result, you’re noticed.  If you’re clicked on, you’re deemed more relevant.  This may even lead to a conversion right then!  It’s hard to debate the benefit of SEO here.

SEO improves your website

As recent as in 2017, Google claimed a whopping 79% of all global desktop search traffic.  Google is the player to cater to here, as nice as it can be to rank on other search engines it just won’t bear the fruit Google will.  With how finicky and precise Google has become, rising to their standards with each algorithm change keeps your website relevant.  Those algorithms, these conditions Google imposes in order for you to “get an A in their books,” these things matter in improving the way your website ranks but also a deeper source – it improves the consumers user experience on your website.  That’s what we’re really looking for, the consumer to be comfortable and to convert.  What else is the point of having your website?

There’s a lot to be said for companies that keep up with the search trends and cutting-edge of marketing techniques.  They care, it’s obvious to consumers, it’s obvious in their lead generation, and if you have a solid product or service it’s obvious in your reviews (which are also another Google boon!).  Learn more about what SEO can do for you today by calling your nearest JLB location.