Digital Marketing – Huntsville AL


JLB is committed to successful digital marketing in Huntsville AL and online traffic generation or all local businesses.  We want your business to get the attention it deserves by drawing in the people looking for your services.  85% of all buyers search the internet before making a purchasing decision and we take that very seriously.

JLB is a Premier Google Partner which only 2% of the agencies ever reach that status.  That expertise is unique and extra advantage we have or our clients.

Over the years we have invested in knowledge, people and amazing tools to provide transparent reports and results to demonstrate a great return on your investment.  Below are some of the more popular digital marketing solutions we utilize through the nation and in Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville TN.

If you are looking for a trustworthy team that can get results then we would love to talk to you.


Fixed cost Pay Per Click marketing targeted at specific geography and profiled clients.  Only pay for actual clicks.  Drives 10-25% additional traffic to your website.  Great solution that tends to develop more qualified leads for your business.  Also, a great strategy for marketing against your competitors.


Give your business a fighting chance.   SEO is a must to be found on the Internet, get recognized and to have your website noticed on the top pages of the search engines.  Without SEO you will spend far to much on traditional marketing, you will have to rely on references or you will never fully capture the amount of people looking for your services or a business like yours.

SEO should be a part of your advertising budget, it is strategic, very thoughtful and well reported.


If you want to grow your business, copywriting is a reasonable business investment. You’ll reap the profits from your brochure, letter, or website for years.  A well turned word or carefully structured content can lift your business.


Email marketing allows you to reach out to current and prospective customers and keep them updated on the latest deals and news about your company.


Strategic collaboration of a targeted effort to promote an event, product or service through tactically planned and well designed campaigns.  Past campaigns have involved email marketing blasts, followed by social media messaging, strategic web page designs, print ads and flyers all distributed through calculated efforts.   We can help get the message out with impact and results.


Once we have your digital marketing going well and traffic growing you will benefit from JLB’s strength in business class services and support.


JLB’s managed services and support plus private, dedicated and managed infrastructure is superior.  Designed to provide businesses with much needed confidence and partnership.  We provide ongoing infrastructure oversight, support and maintenance of the CUSTOMER’S website to help enable its online presence while ensuring secure, manageable and quality service.