8 Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing

Apr 22, 2020

Marketing is part psychology, part fortune telling, and part guesswork. This is why there are so many different kinds to choose from. The more lines you have in the water, the more bites you’re liable to get.

The different methods of marketing provide their own pros and cons. Some take a while to see a return. The efficacy of others is difficult to measure. And some are very expensive.

The marketing strategy for your particular brand or service will depend on what you hope to gain. Long-term customers? Quick sales? An index of leads? It’s important for a business to figure out exactly what they are looking to gain from a marketing campaign before they make their first moves.

Consulting marketing professionals like JLB will give you the best idea of what can  best help drive your sales. And one of the many services we offer is pay per click marketing (PPC), which is also known as Adwords.

But what do you stand to gain from a pay per click marketing campaign?

Only Pay When It Works

As the name implies, you only pay for your ad when someone clicks on it. This means you’re guaranteed at least a baseline of engagement from each PPC marketing campaign. Various other methods of marketing, TV ads for example, cost money each time they run. This means that even if nobody is looking at the screen while your ad runs, you still pay for it. Pay per click marketing guarantees that every dollar you spend on the ads will see some connection with a potential customer.

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Fast Return

Your PPC ads can begin running the moment they are approved. This opens you up to millions of people on the internet instantaneously. And if it’s done correctly, you will often see quick returns on your ads. PPC generally engages with potential customers quickly. This sets it apart from various forms of marketing that can take a long time to materialize a lead. You will have the metrics to track how many people click on your ad, but you should have a good idea how effective it was by changes in your website’s traffic.

Target your Audience

Pay per click marketing is highly customizable. You have the ability to target who you want, when you want. And if you know your customers well, this has a high likelihood of providing markable results. Target specific keywords relating to your services. Or target specific geographical areas. These capabilities put your product or service directly in front of the people that need it, which is rewarded with high levels of engagement and conversion rates.

Follow the Metrics

Every pay per click marketing campaign is easily-tracked so you know exactly how your ads are doing. You can see in real-time how much engagement you are gaining. This shows you just how valuable these ads are. And if you aren’t seeing the levels of engagement you were expecting, you can switch it up at any time.

Easily Adjustable

Are you not seeing the returns you were expecting? No problem. PPC campaigns can quickly and easily be adjusted to target new and more potentially profitable markets. Maybe a campaign has run its course in a certain area and you’d like to move it to a new set of keywords or location. This can be done with a few simple clicks. Now your PPC campaign is refreshed and capable of producing a new host of leads.

Pay What You Want

Pay per click marketing can go as long as you want it to. Are you advertising a particular sale that will only last a short amount of time? Or are you pushing a service that is applicable all year? The length of time associated with a PPC campaign will dictate how much money it costs altogether. And if you are experiencing a tight quarter you can simply dial it back to a level that is easily affordable. On the other hand, you can ramp up your campaign to see a maximum return.

People Will See It

The best part of pay per click marketing is that you know it’s going to be positioned in front of your audience. They’re going to see it. Any level of uncertainty about a marketing campaign can make you feel helpless. It can also make you feel like you’re throwing money away. PPC marketing doesn’t suffer from that possibility.

Contemporary Targeting

The immediacy of PPC campaigns allows you to target keywords and demographics that have a current need for your services. For instance, you can take advantage of special opportunities like a direct competitor’s website experiencing difficulties. Simply target the areas in which they have a lock on the market and you stand to convert some of those visitors into potential customers.

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