6 Seriously Strong but Simple SEO Tactics

Marketing, SEO
Feb 28, 2019

Search Engine Optimization is constantly on our minds.  It’s one of the most successful methods of getting your website in front of your consumers, but it is also always-changing.  Google relies on relevant results in their search engine in order to remain a dominant player in that market.  With over 80% of the search traffic globally going to Google, it’s important to understand why and how those results get to the front page for your search.  Over the last decade there have been a plethora of SEO tactic and strategy changes that Google forced on marketers, but they are all with good cause.  The below six tactics will help you keep up with all the changes over time, since the entire premise of Google’s algorithm in their search engine is focused on these indicators.

Keep your content high-quality and well written.

What does high quality even mean here?  Google can ask it’s users if they trust this content, if it’s a reasonable result, if the writer is reputable, if the information is complete — and if all of these answers are yes then the page will rank highly for it’s searches.  Content needs to be easily understood, relevant, and intentionally crafted to meet Google’s criteria for “high-quality.”

Maintain the fidelity and integrity of your cross-linking.

Backlinks.  We know they’re great, they boost domain authority, they lead traffic to your website, and the black hat tactic market sells backlinks like girl-scout cookies.  Don’t spring for the “backlink package” and instead spend your time curating content that is worth linking to.  Google will reward you for it!

Consider what search terms really lead visitors to your site.

It could be true that web users would search for one or two word phrases, but today searchers are using voice-activated technology and natural language to phrase their searches.  For instance, “web design” will return a plethora of results but more likely someone who will convert are searching more words such as, “local web design agency.”  Imagine the relevancy of these results comparatively — Google does.  You are more likely to find companies that provide web design near you with the second search phrase, and the first phrase would return do-it-yourself results, Wiki pages, or employment listings.

Work closely with your developers, because speed is key.

If your pages are taking more than one or two seconds to load, you’re losing viewers.  What is your own attention limit on websites?  If your website is going slower than you’d stick around for, you can guarantee your web visitors won’t stay long either.

Make your page worth viewing.

Pepper in some fun and relevant graphics to keep your viewers engaged.  Make sure your mobile version of your site intuitively responds to different devices.  Add a video that explains your services for those who would rather listen than read.  Not everything about page ranking relies on catering to Google’s robots, bounce rates also contribute and if your visitors aren’t staying Google won’t show you to more.

Have enough real text content.

Graphics are great!  We all really enjoy videos and photos, galleries, portfolios, illustrations, all of it.  However, is your website meant to be a collage or an informative reservoir to capture qualified leads?  In order to rank well in search results, you should have enough text content to allow search engines to assume the relevancy of your pages.